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Plantscaping to create exceptional, professional spaces.

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For all your plant rental needs, Sweet Magnolias Floral & More is here to deliver. Perfect for corporate locations, freshening your space with vibrant plants can add style, sophistication and set a better tone for your business. Talk with our Plant Specialists about your ideas and we’ll visit your location to devise a layout for plants. Entrust us to know which plants will highlight various rooms and flourish optimal based on climate, time of year and your unique spaces. We pair each plant with stylish vases suited to the ambiance of your office or corporation.




If you’re unfamiliar with plantscaping, we can be your guide. Often referred to as interior landscaping, this is a branch of interior decoration that centers on indoor plants as a medium. Think of living walls and large greenery displays in atriums. interior plantscaping is commonly seen in large corporate spaces like hotels, retail stores, hospitals, and offices. Beyond the intriguing beauty of plants, this service provides mental and health benefits. Plants enrich the air with oxygen and have been proven to elevate moods. Not to mention, plants actually absorb sound and are provide ease in maintenance. So why not add a touch of greenery to your corporate spaces? Talk with our Plant Specialists today at (843) 290-8696.